20-21 Session WCPA One-Pager On Our Priority Bills

WCPA’s 20-21 priorities
HB 1054
HB 1310
HB 1267
SB 5051
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SHB 1054 – Police Tactics – Rep. Jesse Johnson
The police tactics legislation bans or restricts policing practices that historically have been used in a discriminatory manner, such as hot pursuits or chokeholds, or that are used to esca…
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SHB 1310- State-Wide Use of Force Policy – Rep Jesse Johnson
HB 1310 – Statewide Standard for De-escalation and a Duty of Care
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Independent Criminal Investigations SHB 1267 – Rep. Debra Entenman
We believe that it is not possible for police to investigate other police, and remain impartial as they interview witnesses, collect evidence, view video, examine blood splatter and ballistic…
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SB 5051/HB 1082- Oversight and Accountability – Senator Pedersen and Rep Goodman
• Changes the composition of the Criminal Justice Training Commission (CJTC), by making it majority non-law enforcement with 5 community members, with an overall 17-member commission. Strengthens licensing oversight at the CJTC with stricter standards for mandatory and permissive decertification (loss of professional license) for misconduct.
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