Who We Are:

The Washington Coalition for Police Accountability (WCPA) centers families and communities impacted by police violence. Members include families who have lost loved ones to police use of deadly force, I-940 campaign leaders, civil rights organizations, Tribes, labor unions, the faith community, and activists committed to ending the violence present in police culture and practices.

What We Believe:

Police hold state-sanctioned power over life and death. They can de-escalate crises rather than escalate them. They can treat those they suspect of committing crimes with dignity, and stabilize dangerous situations safely and humanely. Every person’s life is sacred, and police must be held accountable for unnecessary violence.
More than two years have passed since I-940’s passage, yet unnecessary police injuries and killings of community members continue unabated. Stronger measures are required to motivate police officers and their employers to stop the violence.
Directly impacted families and community members must have a significant place at the table in addressing police accountability so that their lived experiences inform the development of policy. The community must be involved in making policy. Directly impacted families of police violence and community members must have a significant place at the table in addressing police accountability.

WCPA Impacted Family Member Leaders:

  • Annalesa/Fred Thomas Family of
  • Leonard Thomas
  • Devitta Briscoe Family of
  • Che Taylor
  • Dani Bargala Sánchez Family of
  • Renee Davis
  • Katrina Johnson Family of
  • Charleena Lyles
  • Marilyn Covarrubias Family of
  • Daniel Covarrubias
  • Nickeia Hunter Family of
  • Carlos Hunter
  • Po Leapai Family of
  • Iosia Faletogo
  • Shelly Washington Family of
  • Kevin Peterson
  • Sonia Joseph Family of
  • Giovonn Joseph-McDade
  • Trishandra Pickup Family of
  • Stonechild Chiefstick

Community Advocates / Activists / Allies:

  • Alexandra Deas, Disability Rights WA, Communications Coordinator
  • Alison Holcomb, ACLU WA, Political Director
  • Amber Lewis, Suquamish Tribe, lobbyist
  • Anwar Peace, Spokane, WA advocate
  • Chris Lampkin, SEIU 1199NW, Political Director
  • Craig Sims, Attorney
  • Darya Farivar, Disability Rights WA, Director of Public Policy
  • Debbie Novak, impacted family member & Spokane, WA advocate
  • Deborah Jacobs, Civilian Oversight Expert
  • Dylan Doty, Muckleshoot Tribe, lobbyist
  • Enoka Heart, ACLU WA, Police Practices and Immigration
  • Eric Gonzalez Alfaro, ACLU WA, Legislative Director
  • Jim Leighty, impacted family, Spokane, WA advocate
  • Joyce Brekke, Vancouver WA advocate
  • Kathy Strauss, Organizer & administrative Support

  • Kim Mosolf, Disability Rights WA, Dir. Treatment Facilities Program
  • Kristin Ang, Faith Action Network, Policy Engagement Director
  • Kurtis Robinson, First Vice President Spokane NAACP
  • LaVendrick Smith, ACLU WA, Media Communications Strategist
  • Leah Salerno, Disability Rights WA, staff attorney
  • Leslie Cushman, Citizen Sponsor I-940
  • Lindsey Grad, SEIU 1199NW, lobbyist
  • Livio De La Cruz, Seattle, WA advocate
  • Malou Chavez, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
  • Martina Morris, Next Steps WA
  • Paul Benz, WA Partners for Social Change, lobbyist
  • Rheta Rubenstein, Vancouver, WA advocate
  • Roxana Gomez, ACLU WA, lobbyist
  • Tim Reynon, Puyallup Tribal member, community advocate
  • Zara Stevens, ACLU WA, organizer