Looking for ways to get involved?  We are working with community groups, progressive organizations and public officials on local and state level issues.  We need your help, there are many ways you can contribute!

Follow our Facebook page for updates and calls to action.  http://www.facebook.com/wcforpa

  • On the day of the hearing, sign in as supporting using the leg.wa.gov website.
  • Call the Legislative Hotline to support:  1-800-562-6000   

Email Representatives:

  • Jesse.Johnson@leg.wa.gov HB 1054, the police tactics bill and the use of force and de-escalation bill.
  • My-Linh.Thai@leg.wa.gov The police officer accountability act. 
  • Jamie.Pedersen@leg.wa.gov SB 5051 Oversight and accountability act (de-certification). 
  • Debra.Entenman@leg.wa.gov Independent criminal investigations and independent prosecutions.