Our 2022 Priorities:

  • HB 1202 – Peace Officer Accountability Act. Civil Liability and Monetary Damages for Breaching the Duties to De-escalate and Exercise Reasonable Care and for Violations of the State Constitution

When a police officer harms someone without facing consequences, there is no justice for victims of police violence, no incentive to change bad behavior, community trust is eroded, and it makes everyone less safe.  Reforms are critically needed. This proposal establishes state law civil causes of action for money damages and prohibits officers and their employers from raising qualified immunity as a defense. 

  • HB 1507Independent Prosecutor for Law Enforcement Use of Force

The Goal – Developing a Proposed Substitute for House Public Safety. A Completely Independent State-Wide Prosecutor: We support a framework to establish a state Office of Independent Prosecution (OIP) for prosecution of the use of force by law enforcement.